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Julia Rosin

Colophane Pierre Nehr(1).jpg

Photo @ Gilles Nehr, 2023

It was during a summer lunch in the beautiful village of Villeneuvette that violin maker Nicolas Gilles told me of an encounter he’d had with the resin tappers of “ les Landes “ in south western France.


I was fascinated to learn that a new ecological method of tapping pine resin had been found. 


The development of an ecological activator for the harvest enables the replacement of the traditional sulphuric acid that is bad for the trees, bad for human health and bad for the environment. The resin can now be harvested respecting the trees, the tappers and the planet. A real revolution !


This new method has led to a regeneration of the art of tapping in France that had all but died out in the 1970’s due to the domination of the Chinese who held 80% of the market until around 1990.


This rosin that I make in my workshop in Paris using resin extracted with this activator is the only one up to now certified Eco-responsible.


After two months of trials with more than thirty Parisian string players I have succeeded in developing a rosin of an excellent quality 100% natural.


That is how, driven by enthusiasm for the project and with the encouragement of musicians “Julia“ rosin was  created.

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